Dancer off her feet

DANCER OFF HER FEET is an incredible true story that stands as an irrefutable witness to God's power to heal people both physically and spiritually. It has inspired and encouraged many thousands of people since its first publication in 1991. This edition contains a foreword written twelve years on, which brings Julie's story up to date and details the highs and lows she has since experienced.For three years, former ballet dancer Julie Sheldon was stricken with the neurological disease Dystonia, and her life hung in the balance. Crippled, enduring fierce muscle spasms, she was in intensive care when Canon Jim Glennon prayed for her. 'A corner was turned after that visit in June 1989, and by July I was out of hospital. In August I was out of the wheelchair and off crutches for good, and in September off all drugs. All the time there was this conviction of total healing, not just of the body but of the mind and spirit as well.'The news hit press headlines and amazed doctors: 'Julie has made a miraculous recovery,' said a professor of neurology. Julie herself would say, along with family and friends, that God has done a great deal more even than that.

The blessing of tears

Alpha course speaker Julie Sheldon reflects on a gift that we seldom welcome: the gift of tears. We often try to fight them back, yet they can bring cleansing, healing and release. Julie tells many inspirational real life stories and relates them to biblical examples and teaching.


One step at a time

This book is the sequel to Julie's hugely successful first book, "Dancer off her Feet". It will tell the story of how it all started to go wrong for her after the miraculous healing related in that first book. Although Julie herself is still fit and healthy, her teenage daughter Georgie has a malignant brain tumour, and has not experienced such a healing. Primarily another testimony book, structured around Georgie's story and how she, Julie and the rest of the family have coped with the illness, it explores what it means to endure and to persevere through life's hardships, concluding that we have to have hope, character and an upbeat, positive outlook and to make it through.

Other writing

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